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Sunday, September 4, 2011


This book is a gift frm my friend, my sister, my senior n etc which is the writter of the book itself.. she is livin with her lil family (husband n cute daughter) in Michigan, Detroit. i admire her so much!!!
this novel definitely tempting, im done reading it in couple hours..
hehehehe.. the tittle is Musim Gugur Terakhir di Manhattan a.k.a Last Autumn in Manhattan

There are 3 core characters on this story..
1st. they call her "Rosie", she has strong beautiful independent Indonesian muslimah character who lives in western world. But still she holds on her eastern culture even Rosie has livin for years in USA. she has something that always haunted her from the past, curious? ^,^

2nd one is Anthony, Rosie used to call him Tony.. he has strong mind, straight, modern workaholic young businessman. His character shows that he's got a temper n eager to fulfill everything he wants to reach, no wonder he became a succesfully businessman at his young age. since he was an italian hot dude.. my imagination flying thru the window try to capture every single detail from italian football player, hahahahaa.. (i know it silly though)

3rd. another interesting character wud be Marco, he is a younger brother of Anthony.. i saw his character is unique, like u taste something.. u cant even describe in words to explain how does it taste ^^, me neither.. if u ask me abt Marco, i will answer : "taste it by urself" hehehehehe.. Marco plays "mysterious" role at this story ;)

the location and time settings were set in nowadays (modern) place in New York, Manhattan (USA) and INDONESIA ofcourse..

the plot itself is not really confusing, just flow as u start read the book... every single chapter u have read make u more interest n curious hows the end will be, hohohohooo.. (gud work sis!!!)

the author itself put lots of spice of life here, start from common ordinary life, love, until something more principal like faith.. religion even, without judging with her perspective..

Mmm, what next?!?
i even speechless when im talking abt this book,
its just fit for a muslimah who lives in modern time and area...
well, if u really wanna know?
u better grab n buy this book then tell me wht u think guys

my rate : 3 stars frm 5 stars, i believe u can wrote something more awesome than just this sis... can wait for another book of urs!!! ^,^

ps : too bad its not available yet in english n_n
hope it will be soon!!!! yayyy...
(Sshhh, she is one of some ppl who encourage me about writing)

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