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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bad things happend 4 a Reason..

Regreting is pointless..
if u think ure not doing much yet
if u think u have done huge mistake
dont be..!!!
coz God (Allah swt) knows what best for us

regreting wont solve ur problem guys
indeed its just gonna make u feel worse
or even blaming urself..
just stand up and MOVE ON!!!
try to not repeat ur mistake again
or at least minimalized the same mistake happend again
thts the point of learning a lesson,,

well, crying is NOT FORBIDDEN
but then please think about it..
TIME is running
u have to move on or else time will left u behind

if u still feeling worse,
miserable or horrible...
look down,, there's a bunch of unlucky people like u
then u will realized n being grateful
that ur "u think ur life worse" is much way better than u have thought before



  1. definitely AGREE, dear!
    face the world, and cheer up! Yey! \^^/

    love from Jogja,
    icha :)

  2. @ ichabedarmawan : yup.. Face the world and cheer up!!! ;) folmeback if u dont mind.. Thx dear

    @ nabila ariani : i think so.. Do u mind?!? Heehehe.. Folmeback if u dont mind ^^,

  3. been following u back, dear! :D
    tengs for commenting, n yes, we should meet up when u come to jogja, k?? just contact me by email! c u soon :D

  4. thx daarlaaa..
    i will, cant wait to meet u up later
    yayy!!! ;)