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Monday, August 22, 2011

My "must be with me" stuff

how are u guys today...?!?!?

i just captured sort of my "must be with me" stuff
coz i always carry those things in my bag

1. book, i always need something to note or just write down anywhere and anytime i want ^^,

2. ofcourse with pens and the light marker

3. my earphone, makes me calm and relax by listening music, well not always music only
i usually listen some islam lesson by my fav speakers ^,^ just to keep me remain still..

4. mini Hello Kitty pocket purse, i forgot where i got it..
but this stuff help me alot to manage my tiny stuff..
its like mini container for me.. just put all the tiny stuff inside, so everytime i need it..
i dont have to look around n get frustation, hehehehe..

5. kero-keropi mirror, actually i forgot to mention it
hehehehe, maybe too many stuff at the picture..
yea, as u know no girl will forgot this thing rite?!? ^,^

i wish i cud tag some ppl just like in Youtube,
so i cud mention some of guys to show me whts ur "must be with u" stuff

i'll try to remember some of u guys :
1. yulia frm cinnamilk.blogspot.com
2. zahra frm blanchiffon.blogspot.com
3. dilan frm dilandilir.blogspot.com
4. sharifaa frm neighbourhoodhijabi.blogspot.com
5. sue frm valleygurlfrmhell.blogspot.com
6. steph frm luffisallyouneed.blogspot.com
7. dina frm lazydoll.com
8. icha frm ichabeldarmawan.blogspot.com
9. fatima frm fatimazaahn.blogspot.com
10. and anyone whose read this post, u all are welcome too..

have a nice day guys.. ^^,


  1. ahayy.. u so like cartoon stuffs, dont u, Ika??
    they're cute, thou! :)

    well, dont u wanna tag n mention me?? ;P

    nice day, too!

    icha frm ichabeldarmawan.blogspot.com

  2. yeeaaahhhh.. agree!!
    they were cute, i just cant stand it ^,^

    ohh my.. im sorry darlaa
    well, i already edit it...
    see.. i did tag n mention urs too
    look up : no. 8

    so, make sure u did it..
    coz im gonna check u up eh ^^,

  3. that hello kitty purse is sooo cute daling... btw, thanks for the tag and I'll post it later.... ^^

  4. hehehe, its just like a container for my lucky stuff ^,^

    yayy!! cant wait u post.. <3

  5. okeee.. will post it, soon, dear.. :)

  6. Hello Ikatrina, thanks visiting mu blog and for your sweet comments,I really appreciate that. I'm following you back now:)

    have a nice week !


  7. I think after Ramadan I'll also do a "whats in my bag" post :-) it should be a "answer" to you

  8. very cute,
    thanks for your comment i'm now following


  9. @ dilan dilir : i bet u wud, coz all of ur sketches are awesome dear, pls do the following post if u have spare time

    @ Isabel.L : ure welcome dear, i tag u too for this post dear.. show me the most attached things to u ^,^

    @ Fatima Z. : since i mention ur name in my post, u shud make the following post yaa.. then i will do "whats in my bag" project as u said after Ramadhan ^^, okay darlinggg, LOVE..

    @ Dani : Yayy!! thank you.. come n join us do the tag post ^,^ ure welcome too.. i cant wait to urs darlaa

  10. thank you for the blog links, I am checking them all out ;)


  11. ure welcome..
    hey i tag u guys.. 3 of u for following my post
    posting abt u guys "most attached things"
    its not always on ur bag.. but u just always carry everywhere with u