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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Communities

Last weekend i went to Jogjakarta..
visiting my old friend (high school mate)
lots of memories over there
flash back for a slight each time i passed places
Malioboro.. Mirota..

Sunday morning, i spend a while in Hijabers Community Yogya
this community has been growing up n bigger..
Jenahara, The President of The Community itself eagerly wants to expand the community not only in Indonesia but out of Indonesia too (proud to indo muslimah)
for me its unique.. finally i found a place where i shud be belongs to
another sisterhood to explore n share together

at 10am start with reciting The Holy Quran,
then Ust. Eddy giving us some lesson about welcoming our Great Ramadhan
masyaAllah he is a gud speaker, we have so much fun n lesson from him
rite away after that, around 11.30am
we're continue our discussion n sharing with Mrs. Carla Jones (Ph.D. 2001, U.N.C. Chapel Hill) from University of Colorado at Boulder
she is an anthropoligist, she has doing lots of research in Indonesia
she was born in Hongkong, her family raise her well in Philipines..
So, no wonder she becomes familiar about asia

at this moment she is doing Research about Muslimah and Fashion
she told me that western poeple (in commonly) had thought that being muslimah, wearing hijab n maxi dress to cover our aurats is completely curb the women itself yet to be stylish n fashionable..

Well, we can see now muslimah are become modern than before..
fashion is just cant be separeted from woman..
its a call from the bottom of deep down inside woman's insting ^^, (trust me)
this is quite interesting too for me..
i could never define indo muslimah typical about how the wrap the hijab, clothes or shoes.. for me Indo muslimah are very consumptive people n easy to follow any kind of trend setter ^^, (sometimes i did it too, hehehehe)
but all i know, they were very pretty n very characteristic..
confident personally.. beautiful in and outside..

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