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Sunday, July 24, 2011

PASTAGIO.. Another pasta culinary ^^

Still in Jogjakarta..
its always something new we can found in Jogja
i see this town just like Bandung
a place for young people belongs to, hehehe..
desire always for something new new new

me and friend were confused where we're going to eat for our dinner
then finally, i decided.. i want PASTA!!! show me a gud place to eat pasta yaa..
rite away she just drove me to PASTAGIO...
at 1st i was curious, where we're goin to???
we're comin from block to block.. and i didnt see any crowd place in common
and waalaahhh, in a couple minutes we're already in PastaGio

just a simple place, out of range to called a restaurant hehehehe..
very very simple place just to hang out, eat (definitely) and enjoy the place
nothing special about the place at all (for me)
But, i wonder why too many people come here just to eat pasta?!?

soon, as i grab menu.. pointed to "Lasagna Verde" and Oreo Blend
it didnt take a long time, lasagna verde and orea blend already served in front of me OMG... im engaged with Lasagna, delicioso!!! yummy...
the price is worth enuff with taste and quantity itself, i give 8 for the score ^^
now i know why they come over, lookin' for a plate of PASTAGIO..

wait up!!! im not finish yet guys...
can u see how tempting that chocolate cake.. (up there!!)
my friend said this is recommended, definitely we shud order it.. >,<
YET, not dissapointed at all.. FYI, especially for chocolate maniac
no worries.. u will love it guys
since im not chocolate maniac, i cant eat too much of chocolate...

so, have guts to come over n taste it guys..
ill show where u can find it.. grab it fast..!!! hehehe...
follow their twitter : @pastagiowarung

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