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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

im just start it..

Assalamualaikum viewers..
this post is the very 1st i wrote my own blog
Mmm, i dunno where to start?
or wht to say?
but my supporter (which are my family, friends, etc) askin me to write somethin..

well, at least this is my welcoming post
it wud be just great to start sharing my journals with u all
hope u dont mind or boring to read mine..

im just an ordinary girl, 1st daughter frm 2 sisters
and we're only have mommy..
no dad since 2007, passed away cause cancer

next i will be more often post my journals here..
the point is just to share :
1). wht i saw..
2). wht i like..
3). wht makes me interestin' in..
4). and bla bla bla (well, most are my desires guys ^^)

okay, have a great day..
May God always bless ur day my viewers..
wassalam, xoxo

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